Putting Humanity in Fashion

The idea behind Roanne Othman® was born in defiance of the conventional attitude in the fashion industry. A fashion business does not have to be characterised by a lack of ethics, of which emerging designers suffer the most, or a lack of compliance. We, at this brand, are committed to integrity and fair trade regulations, to creating collections of couture-for-everyday, and to offering an alternative to retail's mass production of today.

Roanne Othman® strives to create an ethical, professional, and serious work environment similar to that in any other industry. Fashion hereafter referred to as Art, does not have to be out of this world. Art is an item which a female leader wears to make a solid first impression or lead a company.

Infusing its Art with value, serious language, quality, discretion and glamorous dignity, Roanne Othman® proclaims the message that there is no beauty without brain.

About the Designer

Roanne Othman is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and strong believer in applying ethical practices in the workplace.

Part designer and part businesswoman, she is a graduate of the London campus of Istituto Marangoni, the reputable Italian fashion academy. She pursued a career in Istanbul as a business development associate in the energy sector for three years, before dedicating herself fully to her brand. She currently resides in Istanbul.