Imabeliever Has Become Roanne Othman®

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Istanbul, Turkey | 2 January, 2014

Our brand name has evolved from IMABELIEVER to Roanne Othman®. This news comes as a result of shifting our business jurisdiction from Seychelles to Turkey, under Rumaila Ltd. in a bid to better serve our clients.

Rumaila Ltd. is a company incorporated in Turkey since 2004. As a trading company, in December 2013, it became the local operational arm for the fashion brand Roanne Othman®, formerly known as IMABELIEVER under Believer Ltd.

Our dedication to delivering quality in an ethical business environment, however, will not change! And we will continue to create beautiful, personal, couture-for-everyday under our newly registered brand name, Roanne Othman®.